Creamy, buttery Mashed Cauliflower with Garlic, Sour Cream and Parmesan is the low carb side dish of your dreams!Keto approved! 2 of my cloves were large. Cover the top with plastic wrap. This Keto Cheesy Cauliflower Rice is the best side dish and can be enjoyed without any guilt while following the Keto diet. Cheers. You want it way softer than you’d normally cook cauliflower. One of my favorites is this mashed cauliflower recipe like seriously I’ve contemplated making huge batches and making my tiny freezer a dedicated cauliflower mash freezer because that’s how much I love these. Serving size in recipe notes above. Net carb count excludes fiber, erythritol, and allulose, because these do not affect blood sugar in most people. This is the perfect side dish to many proteins, and great for gravy too. Way too much garlic. I’ve always served my short ribs over polenta, but since I had a keto guest coming I made this instead. Thank you for an amazing recipe and hope to be able to mitigate the garlic. That will work perfectly! And it doesn’t taste like cauliflower! No exact measurements needed. If you’re okay with lumps, I would recommend a potato masher over a mixer. It is so easy and very delicious. like maybe 1/4 of a clove to start. Never going back to carb filled mashed potatoes! Thank you! Return to pot and mash cauliflower with a potato masher until smooth and no large chunks remain. A perfect and healthy side dish. Check to see if you need more milk. Although I only used 3 cloves of garlic, this was too much! This is irresponsible. I made a second head of cauliflower, and I I made a bowl of half no garlic and one big spoon of garlic. I also add a “handful” (about 1/3 cup) of grated parmesan cheese and a dash of worchestershire. However, I thought I’d give it one more try (yes, I’ve tried almost every way). I have had very disappointing mashed cauliflower in the past so this was a delicious surprise and better than potatoes! Like any mashed cauliflower recipe, start by cutting the cauliflower into florets. Hi Ian, Sorry you didn’t love the raw garlic flavor. Long before cauliflower pizza crusts, cauliflower cakes, and cauliflower couscous, there were just a few folks looking for a lighter dish to enjoy in lieu of mashed potatoes. The secret to this mash though is not an abundance of butter, but SOUR CREAM! Then cool it completely before putting it in a freezer bag. How to Make Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Sauce. If you like, vary it by adding shredded low-fat cheese or chopped fresh herbs. Mashed cauliflower is a great alternative to potatoes. It’s unbelievably smooth and creamy and delicious. This was such a lovely recipe EXCEPT the four cloves of garlic – I should have realised and I wish I’d read the comments below. . Get the full low carb pantry shopping list, browse low carb product discounts, and visit my Amazon Shop! Made with cauliflower, bacon, cheese, and a splash of cream. (Full disclosure). Now we’re going to steam our cauliflower. Hi Deanna, Thanks for your comment! Horseradish Mashed Potatoes + Steak = HEAVEN, Pork Chops with Mushrooms and Cauliflower Mash. Hi Reese, Yes, you can! Wholesome Yum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. YES, also email me a printable keto food list (over 230 foods)! Boy was I wrong!!! Hi Nancy, I am sorry you ended up throwing it out. OMG, I have been Keto for 5 years and struggle with making mashed cauliflower taste, feel, and look good. Don’t get me wrong, I still love real mashed potatoes, but if you need to avoid starches (like if you’re following a specific carbohydrate diet or GAPS protocol), or are following another special diet around the holidays, this recipe … Blend in garlic, Parmesan cheese, cream cheese, salt, and black pepper. Definitely the best Keto mash recipe. The texture is slightly different due to freezing cream cheese, but they still thaw out great! This recipe was my last attempt as I have tried lots of cauli mash versions But have found them pretty grim. (Add a couple tablespoons more milk until you reach desired consistency.). Cream Cheese – Some people like adding cream cheese to their mashed potatoes but I’m not one of them. Has anyone tried using sour cream instead of cream cheese? The net carb count is accurate. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site. Whether you make regular or garlic mashed cauliflower, chances are it will be paleo and keto friendly. This delicious dish is made with cauliflower, cream cheese and sour cream mashed together with herbs! I only used 2 cloves and it was still way to spicy and garlicky. If so, how much? Can one use riced cauliflower? You can reheat in the microwave, oven, or stove top. I tend to leave out the cheese because I enjoy the simplicity of a more minimal mashed cauliflower recipe. It was everything I love about mashed potatoes, but without the heavy, gluey texture. Type your question or comment below, and click "Post Comment". Cheesy mashed cauliflower made with a touch of whipped butter, buttermilk, garlic and herbs and topped with cheese and bacon – low-carb, low calorie and keto, but you’ll swear it’s totally indulgent! I was skeptical, but it blew me away. Everything else I have made on this site has been delicious so it may just be me that didn’t enjoy this one. Can I blend the cauliflower instead of using a food processor? I am excited about trying the other recipes!!!! I tried baking it in the oven to cook the garlic and that didn’t fix it. Four raw garlic cloves? Once I made it with only one clove it was delicious! I did leave out the garlic, but this is my favorite mashed cauliflower recipe so far! That might sound like a tall order, but I think you might agree once you try my tips for how to make mashed cauliflower as creamy as this. This came out so good. Instant Pot Mashed Cauliflower Sweet and Savory Meals. I usually love your recipes, but this was way off for me, and I love garlic. Low-Carb Loaded Mashed Cauliflower. And just as delicious. This recipe is amazing! Some people love raw garlic and some don’t. This is an unbelievably delicious recipe but I would strongly recommend, especially after seeing so many comments below on the same that it is to go SUPER easy on the garlic. I did steam it in my pressure cooker for 2 minutes and then let it come down to pressure naturally and then put it in the food processor. Scrape the sides occasionally as needed. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Join 170,000 others to get a FREE keto food list, plus weekly keto recipes! Add the garlic and cook 1 minute. Oh, I love the touch of cream cheese in this recipe…Bet that it takes the taste and texture over the yum-delicious top! It was perfect. Mashed cauliflower kind of exploded onto the scene as a mashed potato alternative with the rise of keto diets, I think there’s so much more to like about it than its carb count. Wash the cauliflower and break into florets. Made this recipe for Thanksgiving. Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Rice Recipe. It was amazing!! Thanks! The raw garlic was so pungent we couldn’t eat it and we tried!!! Is Mashed Cauliflower Paleo and Keto? Bring the heavy cream to a simmer in a small saucepan over medium heat, and whisk in the cream cheese and mustard until smooth. Loved this recipe! PRO TIP: Use more florets and less stems for the creamiest cauliflower mash. I’m going to give up on keto mashed potatoes. Just curious as the net carb count seems much higher than expected. This recipe is one of my favorite. To ensure mashed cauliflower is really light and fluffy (no one wants soggy mashed cauliflower) you must make sure you allow ALL the steam to escape before pureeing it. Perfect for the any time of the year! Very good recipe. This was really good. Wholesome Yum is a keto low carb blog. Other than that, even my picky wife said she could be tricked into eating these in place of mashed potatoes. Otherwise, the cream cheese and butter and texture was awesome. Made of cauliflower, garlic, cumin powder, ground black pepper, sour cream and Parmesan cheese. Therefore, to give it a healthy twist, I prepared this vegan cauliflower soup free from butter and cheese. ♥️. ), Easy Healthy Cauliflower Nachos Recipe with Ground Turkey Taco Meat, Easy Cheesy Loaded Cauliflower Casserole Recipe. I would try it again but maybe a 1/4 of a clove of garlic. Thanks for this recipe!!! ENJOY! Hi Kelly, I haven’t tried that but it should work! I love the concept, but the garlic was so strong that it burned. Mashed Cauliflower may be low in carbs BUT they taste just as good as regular Mashed … This cauliflower was absolutely incredible! Still, it turned out very good and the texture was good. My favorite thing about this paleo mashed cauliflower recipe is how rich and creamy it is. I only put 2 cloves of garlic in (recipe calls for 4?!? This loaded cauliflower … Inedible. The cheese makes them extra savory and the sour cream adds a great tang. Do not overmix. You can find individual ingredient carb counts we use in the Low Carb & Keto Food List. A major hit with everyone. (The exact time will depend on the size of your florets.) Creamy Mashed Cauliflower. Enjoy! Blend until the cauliflower is smooth and … This recipe is PERFECTION! You can add any herbs and it always tastes perfect. Wow!!! One question -if the garlic is so strong that it’s inedible (almost the case with mine despite adjusting the garlic amount round two) is there anything we can do to diffuse that flavor? It’s a winner! Hi I PM you on your fb page as well. My easy recipe is low carb, keto, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, vegan, whole30, paleo, sugar-free, and Trim Healthy Mama friendly. Creamy and even better than the real thing!! Hi Olga, Thank you so much! Has anyone tried this recipe with frozen cauliflower? I will definitely be making it again . Need more healthy ideas? Add the cauliflower to a large microwave safe bowl along with 1 tablespoon of water. Step up your dinner game with cream cheese quick-mash cauliflower. Creamy, buttery Mashed Cauliflower with Garlic, Sour Cream and Parmesan is the low carb side dish of your dreams!Keto approved! It was like a weird dip or cauliflower hummus. Add cauliflower florets and cook until tender, 10 minutes. Easy recipe, but waaaay too much garlic…and I love garlic, so my advice would be to start with a half clove and taste as you pulse the mixture. 'There's no … Love how simple it is to make healthy meal so scrumptious! I left out the garlic in the cauliflower mash and added more butter and Monterey Jack Cheese. Use the buttons below to buy my new Besti sweeteners and Wholesome Yum keto ingredients, developed by me personally! I like using the stems! You’ll need to adjust the cook time, since it will get soft sooner. I will say I steamed my cauliflower sooo incredibly soft that it may have made the mashed potatoes a lil overly creamy like a baby could’ve eaten them haha. This cauliflower mash recipe is the perfect low-carb substitute to mashed potatoes. Here you will find natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes with 10 ingredients or less, plus lots of resources. Process until blended. Check out this video to see how easy it is to make this Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Rice Recipe! It is the perfect, lighter alternative to the classic comfort food. My husband went back for seconds. Puree it with your favorite mashed potato add-ins – but don’t forget the cream cheese, which is a must! Thanks. It ruined the dish. Hi Judy, I’m sorry the garlic was too overpowering. Garlic powder will have less bite to it than fresh. Puree for a couple of minutes, until smooth. Is cauliflower mac and cheese good? To make what you have more manageable, you have a couple of options. I used sauteed mushrooms instead of chives and I’m in love! We happen to love cauliflower. Cauliflower rice works great! . Crumble the bacon into pieces. I love that smooth and creamy texture. Hi Kat, Cauliflower mash can be made with a blender or by using a manual potato masher if you prefer it a little chunky. I am not a fan of garlic so I just put 2 cloves in my water under the steamer and it infused some flavor but not overwhelming. Delish! I actually prefer mashed cauliflower over potatoes. I suggest noting within the recipe the suggestions/tips so the reader sees it: 2-4 cloves or roasted cloves or infusing as one person suggested. After you confirm, you'll receive a link to the Members Area where you can download the book, plus I'll email you the quick start guide! Add part of the cheese and bacon. Seasoned with 5 flavor-packed spices, it’s creamy, indulgent & full of savory goodness. I love creamy and smooth this – a great low carb side dish! ), and it was still way too much. Bring water to a boil. Just puree it in a food processor again once it’s hot and before you serve it. Drain well, pressing with paper towels or a clean dish towel to remove as much excess water as possible. This is just a quick overview of how to make this keto mashed cauliflower recipe. For the recipe in detail, scroll to the recipe card at the end of the post. The only adjustment I made was swapping in goat cheese for the cream cheese and omitting the garlic. Even though mashed cauliflower … If you generally like garlic, then I suggest trying it roasted in the recipe next time around!