The double rings on the circle gives it an even stronger message of stability, which is another important message that WordPress hopes to send. The famous “circle b” logo of Beats, often labeled as a prime example of a “cool” design by several publications, comprises of a big red circle on a black background which contains the character “b” inside it. It’s that easy. The Beats headphones logo is another great example of a circle logo. Two of them are blue and two others are white. Spartan Golf Club A golfer + the profile of a Spartan wearing a helmet . Contrasting with other shapes, the circle expresses perfection, and continuity through its infinitely going line. The Circle 7 logo is an often-used television station logo in the United States. Simply enter your business name and customise any of the thousands of logos generated for you.It's FREE TO TRY! Femininity. As an open source project, it just makes sense that WordPress took on a circular logo. A study has found that they are more likely to be considered beautiful and pleasant to look at. Connection with the earth; it goes hand in hand with earthy symbols 3. The American social media platform uses this inspiring color for its lettermark logo, pairing it with a script font for a decorative touch to the brand mark. Circles differ widely from angular shapes, tria… 116 158 7. The logo looks eye-catching, especially when seen on the product packaging. It represents timelessness, totality, and harmony. 81 197 10. The idea for the logo came from Japanese tradition, which views the crane as a symbol of long life, prosperity and good health. The circle merges with these elements to convey simple, luxurious and modern brand values. archetype used to represent celestial bodies, Martin Cristie in his article on Creative Bloq, 40 Iconic Logo Examples For Influential Brands, 21 YouTube Channel Logo Ideas ... & The Best YouTube Logo Maker. Design Classic. Popular brands don’t shy away from timeless round logo design. In this case, it is the cursive "p" with the circular curve that lends to the femininity of the design, which works with the fact that the majority of users are female. Get ready to see popular companies in the food, automotive, entertainment, and tech sector. AT&T's mission is to "help connect its customers with their world". 10 Famous circle Logos ranked in order of popularity and relevancy. Arnell Group is the firm that spearheaded this ambitious redesign. It is commonly surrounded by a bigger circle in black with the BMW letters on the upper part. The orange circle is … But don’t worry, we also included green logo ideas at the end of the list to inspire your own brand logo. Checkout these 35 famous logos including Pinterest, Nivea, Mercedes, and more that use circles. Reading Time: 8 minutes. Le Tour de France The letters O, U, and R create the shape of a cyclist. Negative space is used to define a lowercase “b” that intentionally doubles as a headphone symbol. Woman Face Head. Regular price $6.00 Sale price $0.00 Unit price / per. The logo of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a big deal in their field, but to other sectors like fashion, too. Wellness 6. 35 Famous Circle Logos. Also referred to as “The Meatball,” this blue logo represents three things: space, aeronautics, and planets. Experience designing a logo today. … Related Images: logo circle social media symbol icon 161 Free images of Circle Logo. At find thousands of logos categorized into thousands of categories. Spotify’s green logo is paired with a wordmark in a sans serif font inspired by Gotham Medium. 35 Famous Circle Logos From Big Brands In 2018 But what is agreed is it remains a universal symbol of unity, wholeness, and inclusiveness. Checkout these 35 famous logos including Pinterest, Nivea, Mercedes, and more that use circles. It retains the trendy and casual look that fits the broadcasting brand. With the world's #1 custom design marketplace. Global cosmetics maker, Nivea, is a 130 year old brand and is still considered one of the world's leading innovators in modern skin care. Triangle logo designs tend to stand out in a crowd. The logo shed its outside circle and changed the background color from black to a more optimistic green. ... 50 Famous Blue Logos from Classic Brands. Take a look at different circle designs that range from modern, creative, vintage, and more. 108 202 7. Floral Vintage Royal. Completeness 7. Airbnb. 156 200 11. Businesses aspiring to convey those brand values, should consider circle logos in their logo or branding. The fashion brand’s name refers to a wooded land that can be a source of timber. Martin Cristie in his article on Creative Bloq points out that circles have a positive meaning and suggest friendship, love, unity, stability, endurance, and sometimes even femininity. Jo Sabin is Head of Designer Community at DesignCrowd. The popularity of circular graphics began in ancient times and, as Vanseo Design points out, is still a cross-cultural archetype used to represent celestial bodies, such as the sun and moon. Where circular logos signify unity, and square logos signify structure, triangles involve a more playful geometry that can make for a striking logo.. The circle-within-a-circle logo design communicates universally. The visual bookmarking company aims to connect every person in the world through anything they find interesting. Our aim is to provide only the best, most beautiful and super useful content, including posts on graphic design, crowdsourcing, small business, startups and innovation. In this article we’ll take a look at 50 excellent circular logos. Orange Circle Logo. A circle is timeless, simple and memorable. BMW’s logo is a circle that is divided into 4 equally. … One particular figure that brands use for their logo is the circle. Circle Rainbow Logo. The logo was last updated by famous graphic designer Saul Bass, dropping 'Bell' from the name, in the 1960s. But depending on your identity, you can get as creative or as direct as you want in your design. 35 Famous Circle Logos . This eye-catching shape is everywhere in nature, art and the built environment. Minimalism and refinement 4. Airbnb’s logo is simple, yet extraordinarily memorable and contains more than one … From architecture to crafts like textiles, jewellery and industrial design, we find circles at every turn. In color psychology, orange is a color associated with energy, and the brand uses this to their advantage. Having an art logo to define your brand is undoubtedly one of the… Read more, Euro Banknotes as Expressions of Greek Social Protest, 60 Coffee Logos for a Creative Pick-Me-Up, 36 Balloon Logos That Will Make Your Brand Pop, 75 Heart Logos for a Lovely Brand Identity, 10 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs and Earn Cash. HP's circular logo dates back to 1946, when it was first created to represent Hewlett-Packard as a simple line drawing. Home » Logos » 20 Famous Designer Handbag Logos and Brands. Add to Cart Share this Product. The nature-inspired design allows the outdoor wear brand to communicate their specialty as well. Working with international branding agency Lipponcott, Starbucks launched a new logo which dropped letters altogether to promote the idea of a brand beyond coffee. Circles are a common theme in logo design. The first five logos listed below come with an analysis of why a circular design is a simple yet effective shape to convey brand attributes and values. The detailed backdrop of the NASA logo gives emphasis to the agency’s initials. Universal 11. Circle Logo Design Circle Logos Logo Branding Brand Identity Branding Design Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Pepsi Logo Famous Logos Design Research. Infinity 9. 35 Famous Circle Logos From Big Brands In 2018 In logos, the wide ranging attributes and associations make circles an ideal choice for a huge variety of brands and industries. Every day, approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed all over the world. Target’s logo stands out due to its strong use of the color red and striking simplicity. 29 45 3. It was designed in 1959 by James Modarelli. Circles convey unity, their classic shape makes them a popular choice for brands and designers. The music streaming platform has one of the most recognizable green logos today. This eye-catching shape is everywhere in nature, art and the built environment. Fanciful Circle Logos Make your dreamy circle logo with Renderforest. Some of the psychological implications of circles are: 1. Discover fantastic content, written by industry professionals and thought leaders everyday on the DesignCrowd blog. The circular mermaid graphic is enclosed within the circular brand name graphic, which is then also enclosed within a circular stroke. It uses white space to portray an image of a big tree standing in a landscape. This gives the logo brightness and drives recognition. One particular figure that brands use for their logo is the circle. January 2020. This eye-catching shape is everywhere in nature, art and the built environment. The simple circular shape is easy to recognize and also portrays the global message of strength, timelessness, characteristics that are important to the category leader. eNASA There’s a long list of famous brands with circular logos, and we are going to tackle them today. 35 Famous Circle Logos From Big Brands In 2018 But what is agreed is it remains a universal symbol of unity, wholeness, and inclusiveness. Partnership 12. As one of the leading brands in the beverage industry, Pepsi’s logo has an illustrious history. Article by DesignCrowd. Order 8. Chanel is famous for its line of perfumes, clothing and fashion accessories. The famous corporate designer did a great job making a logo that aged well with the lowercase letters and flat colored design. Check out how some of the world's biggest businesses use circles to help shape their identity.