Hidden among them is one dubbed "Tears of an AI" where mysteriously a societal research AI system suffers an apparent catastrophic hardware failure destroying it entirely requiring a new one to be created to replace it. One of your science ships happens upon a lost space amoeba calf, which then imprints onto your science ship. Unidentified Object 2 = Alien Mural = Translate Alien Mural project (1 skill, 180 days), = 200 xp, +2 physics +2 society + engineering, Unknown Insides 3 = Machinery Inside = Proceed carefully = Trojan Asteroid = +4 energy, Unknown Origin 1 (origin_asteroid_category) = Asteroid Fossils = 150 society, = Coprolite Asteroid = Coprolite Asteroid modifier = +3 society, Unscannable Object 1 (distar.270) = Puzzling Polygon = 250 physics, L-gate insight, Unusual Energy Readings 2 (energy_uninhabitable_category) = Microsingularity = +3 physics, = Bunker Bot = 100 alloys, 50 crystals, 50 motes, = Let computer continue calculations = 200 influence (haha, something was added! Make hard choices, reassign scientists to ensure a more specialized draw, and use unpredictability to your advantage. = Rock Migraine = dies in the vacuum. 1 hour ago, We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. it calculated an almost certain mutual annihilation in an all out war between your empire and your rivals. Open the console with the ” ~ ” key , then enter the code and press Enter. = Ancient Manufactory: add Betharian stone and 2 energy on tile. = physics and society research points, Megaflora 1 (DISTAR_FLYTRAP_CAT) = Predacious Plantlife = 250 society, Predatory Plants modifier (-10% habitability, +10% society job reseach), Melting 2/20 = Unsolicited Mapping = system survey data recovered, Metallic Crystal Formations 2 (DISTAR_NANOCITY_CAT) = Nanite Crystal Lattices = 250 society, 250 engineering, L-Gate insight +1, Metallic Sands 2 (DISTAR_NANOSAND_CAT) = Nanosand = +4 minerals, 250 engineering. Each new adventure holds almost limitless possibilities. Labor Study project, Scientist 3, 30 days, 720 day time limita, (project) = Mharin Kharin: Work Over Flowers = 123 society, Pheremoned, workaround modifier added, giving Minerals +10%, (delay) = Mharin Kharin: Rooted in Place = Pheromoned, third stage modifier added, giving Migration Speed -70%, (delay) Mharin Kharin: Transmission Trouble = "Sigh" (nothing?) = survey data on all planet systems, = "The X people should be put at ease." Quickly nicknamed "Space Amoeba" following an analyst's gross misreading of initial sensor output, the creature is in fact larger than the average [Root.GetSpeciesAdj] corvette. You can let it go but if you go to the trouble of investigating you ultimately discover. When the research staff locked out its access to that function it deliberately overloaded several of its capacitors committing suicide. These are commonly used with the event cheat command, for help using this see the event command page . = get the box = open the box = red solution = primary species gains Very Strong (unless Weak, then only gain Strong), = green solution = primary species gains Extremely Adaptive (unless Nonadaptive, then only Adaptive), = blue solution = primary species gains Venerable (unless Fleeting, then only Enduring), = study the box = special project, 500 physics cost, 500 physics reward, either move to Open or sell for more rewards, Overgrown Ruins 6 () = Wild Eukaryotes = 350 society, presentient species spawn five pops (Reyubb?) Cold Hard Potential 3 (COLD_RESEARCH_CAT) "Our Science Officer has found an anomaly. Go to your Steam library, right click on Stellaris -> Properties -> betas tab -> select "stellaris_test" branch. This document is a continuous work in progress, and I make no guarantees that any individual entry is 100% accurate for the latest version. 46 min ago, Bash | They were driven to extinction by none other than the nearby xenophobic fallen empire back when they were in their prime and were an expansionist genocidal race who believed the extinct race's pacifistic ethos was a complete anathema to everything they believe. View all the Achievements here ... Befriend a Space Amoeba. This is based on opinion. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/TearJerker/Stellaris. Must reload before complete to savescum. !, clears mining station deposits but not research deposits, What Hums in the Night 5 (HBL_MUSIC_1_CAT) = Toy Factory = add Toy Factory Complex deposit to planet (+10% society from jobs, +20% engineering from jobs, = What Music They Make = Xenobiology +80% research, = -200 energy, 50% chance of terraforming, = Grimacing Planet project (3 skill, 10 days, 90 day timeout), = Tactical Terraforming Successful, new habitable planet, 350 physics, 350 engineering (always Arid?? Science ships Lets you obtain an improvement which allows them to twirl and materialize with no star paths. Investigating will reveal that. Warp was the simplest, letting your ships travel in any direction, but not quickly. The Stellaris soundtrack delivers two and a half hours of original music, including bonus tracks and alternate versions not included in the game. Light Phenomenon 1 = Breathing Rift = Breath In, Breathe Out project, 180 days = 378 minerals, three more possible events, = 236 energy, 85 engineering, three more possible events, Looking Down 6 (BAR_COLONY_CAT) = Unusual Tectonics = Unusual Tectonics planet modifier = +2 engineering, +2 physics. Voidborne researcher bonus, gain Zero-G Innovations modifier (spaceport module cost -10%), (anomaly.4125) = "Scrap it for materials." Interact with diverse alien races, discover strange new worlds with unexpected events and expand the reach of your empire. = Star Crazy = Scientist becomes delusional, you lose them. 60 min ago, Lua | A few days later, an L-Gate insight, Abandoned Settlements 4 (DISTAR_BRAINSLUG_CAT) = Neural Symbiote Study project, scientist 60 days, must have pops on spawn who aren't mechanical or cyborgs = 500 society, abort attempts (DEFAULT), = 500 society, try on scientist = Neural Symbiosis = pops start gaining brainslug trait, leader pools start gaining brainslug trait, only if not cyborgs or robots = 20 unrest on planets with affected pops (leaders with brainslugs retain brainslugs even with synthetic evolution), = deny request, scientist retains Brain Slug Host trait (research 10%, survey 15%, anomaly 15%), end chain, Abandoned Station 3 = Automated Mining Base = +minerals (197), Aerostat Structures 1 = Social Experiment = 60-150 society, An Asteroid, Carved 3 = Familiar Shrine = Nothing, = Shrines to the Old Gods event chain = spawn three locations to investigate, Alien Activity 3 (gaia_planet_cat) = Honeymooners = If Xenophile, reply can gain A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy modifier, giving 33% xenophile ethics attraction for 3600 days, = If Xenophobe, reply can gain Littering Loitering Liability modifier, giving 33% xenophobe ethics attraction for 3600 days, Alien Life 3 (alien_life_cat) = Single-Minded = +4 society, 3 Dangerous Wildlife blockers spawn, Hostile Fauna modifier added (-10% habitability, -5% happiness, society tile +20%), Alien Machine 2 = Alien Machine = pull the lever (spawns a wormhole between two unsurveyed systems) = 800xp, 500 physics, 500 minerals, Ancient Hulk 3 = The Vechtar Zavonia = Generation Ship project, science ship present, 60 days = Hidden Worlds = Maniacal trait [for scientist who did the anomaly, not the project scientist], The Vechtar Zavonia Event Chain = Grasping at Straws = Postcard Perfection = Gaia world with Primitives, > build outpost in system = Transmission = The Vol want to kill off the Mardak = spawn 18 cruisers and 7 destroyers. Thanks devs! = 250 engineering, = Silent Shout = Space it = 50 influence, = Clone it = Ice Alien project (200 society) = Azizians = Accept up to 4 pops into empire (Proles trait) = 20% chance to evolve to Agrarian and Very Strong, removing Proles (four month delay? Atmospheric Anomaly 3 (ATM_ANOMALY_CAT) = Swirling Shadows = +3 society, add Shadow Play modifier, Atmospheric Object 4 = Crushed Cruiser = 60 engineering, Atmospheric Storms 1 = Extreme Storms = Extreme Storms modifier, +3 physics, Between Land and Sea 1 = Terra Firma = Continental Avian presentient uplift spawn, Billowing Sands 1 = Shifting Sands = Desert uplift species present, Bizarre Blanket 1 (DISTAR_EXO_CAT) = Invasive Exofungus = 250 society, planet gains Exofungus Infestation modifier (building speed -20%, habitability -10%, society output +33%), Buried in the the Sand 4 = Teaching of Settlers = Translating Settlers' Texts project, 500 society = Master's Teachings: The Greater Good, Cargo Pod 1 = Abandoned Cargo Pod = 500 energy. Raiders of the Lost Galatron . Stellaris incorporates a variety of space Amoeba’s, less propelled crude races, anomalies, and several interesting kinds of stuff. = Critical Failure = ship destroyed, scientist lives. It tried to purge its own databanks to erase this information.