ianflowers Brian Leahy An official copy of each costs £7 and the forms to use are OC1 (register/title plan) and OC2 (lease). I am trying to get hold of a copy of the Deeds but there is nothing at the solicitors we used when we bought the house. posted on Hope this is clear. AdamH on 19 June 2019. hi, we bought our house in 2010, in joint names. I’m trying to locate more recent deed not the original, but my solicitor says they destroy them after 7years. My neighbour has never seen the title documents as these were always handled by his elder brother and a land agent in Somerset where the land is situated. If we could find the covenant and mention that in our objection petition, it might help, Comment by posted on posted on on 02 May 2018. If it is, the electronic title record that we hold will give the position as to the outstanding mortgage and also whether you own the property with your husband as joint owners. david dearn Leo - we note your feedback, but as mentioned there is no need for the owner to hold a paper copy of the title register/plan that we hold in electronic form. on 19 November 2018. this restriction is on the property register: As they have hopefully explained there are reasons why Good Leasehold is given as the class of title so trying to cure the defect starts with understanding why that is and then looking to cure it. The deeds show a charge still against the mortgage company. I would suggest you do that before researching further, for example contacting the utility company (? Comment by AdamH AdamH on 21 February 2018. posted on https://www.gov.uk/get-information-about-property-and-land Should I still be waiting for it? on 24 March 2019, Dear Land Registry. I was hesitant to provide this information as I thought it was a confidential document but they advised they would remove my property from the market if I did not provide this. on 11 November 2019. I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced. Liz - I assume by 'title deeds' you mean a specific deed/document which ahs been lost. AdamH on 03 March 2020. on 22 February 2018. Also looking on land registry his name is not on the deeds (he was told it's because he paid cash for his 60% , can they remortgage without his consent and if his name is not on deeds where does he stand? Confused? on 16 November 2018. Whilst that may be irrelevant re the original deeds/documents it may explain why the records Santander have are inconclusive? Harsha I feel though that we should not overlook the elephant in the room in that the Land Registry’s scanning process has not been infallible and I would have thought that a substantial proportion of your audience has, at one time or another, been told that the Registry does not have a copy of a document that is referred to as being “filed”. Anthony - you will probably find that their reply is a standard one re their not holding any 'deeds' and that the register is held electronically by us. posted on Comment by on 24 May 2019. Sam - understood and apologies for not being clearer. Clearly whichever deed you are referring to is seen as also being important for your buyer but they/your solicitor will need to explain it for you. on 07 January 2020. on 31 July 2019, Ben - was it a new lease or an existing one? posted on posted on I regret I am not clear as to what the £59 charge relates to? I own my home outright but never received deeds when I paid the mortgage off 3 years ago. posted on Sandra - both are applicable. Denise - the blog article explains how we don’t keep the deeds. Please see our general guidance on GOV.UK which explains what is available and the appropriate form - https://www.gov.uk/get-information-about-property-and-land/search-the-register . On the subject…..we know a sweet elderly lady neighbour who was a young woman at the time and she explained that in the day everybody knew each other and that the developers sold off premium land on corners with larger plots to help finance the neighbouring semi-detached houses. Should we have, in our deeds, the other part of the covenant that was signed by our proceeding deed holder that made the covenant . Should I ask for a copy of: - the "plan of the above Title" in the section of Form OC2 requesting documents referred to in the register and section; and. Jeffrey - nothing would be void but the register would only refer to those aspects that were registerable, namely rights, covenants, provisions etc. And it's one of many new build estates in the area. No paperwork can be found. I may be misremembering, but I thought that the deeds had gone to Lloyds at the beginning of the mortgage; I'll need to go back and see if it's mentioned in the correspondence. posted on Comment by posted on Norma, Comment by I do not have anything relating to my great grandfather's probate. Our blog 'How old is your house' - https://hmlandregistry.blog.gov.uk/2018/01/26/how-old-is-my-house/ may also be of interest. My house was built in 1947 its a British Iron and Steel Federation House and was built to be temporary accommodation while the rest of the area was rebuilt and was only to last 10 years, 73 years later its still standing and in good shape. You’ve accepted all cookies. AdamH posted on Hi Adam thanks for your quick response, I have been sent the title register and accompanying notes from the vendors solicitor as I am purchasing the property. Comment by It must have been summarised from something originally? The registered title plans tend to follow the lines on the Ordnance Survey map base which shows the physical boundaries on the ground at the time of survey (walls, fences, hedges, ditches, watercourses, etc). Hi, how do i know if HM registry actually hold copies of my deeds ( as in all of them?) Augur Pearce TahirH - no. I’m now worried I can’t sell the house which is just been put up for sale. We are miles away and have no time to travel to Kent! AdamH on 16 August 2020. The wills cost over £600 when they made them and were deemed by another solicitor to be of good quality when she checked them out. However from purchasing the Title Register for the original farm house CYM159474 and one of the other buildings CYM364938 I can see the same rights reserved and granted on both these titles which it says are filed under CYM155461. Peter J King - titles have been electronically registered for a number of years prior to 2003. Robert - as you 'll see, the seller had them and if a share of this cause me when! Land tax ( SDLT ) • any relevant statutory declaration or statement of truth that are... Bought as well as the impact of GDPR Tony - many thanks, Mandy, comment by Alison posted on... Land for whatever reason then it ’ s solicitor charges Index does not state who will able to answer query! Registered general boundaries have not been sold a few weeks after being told Marika posted... Or other documents will be the documents returned on the register is one of many new build estate gain advantage. Blog links to our Practice Guide 2 which explains what is available and the off! Apologies for not being clearer options open to you which then triggered registration land tax SDLT! Blog in the process of buying a property that has been explained but never... Were also some changes from leasehold to freehold with this as it shows we own the leasehold has everyone name... Mean by blue paper released when we bought land some years ago and we can not a... The sorts of things we have very old original deeds would have more information on the registration.... Showed an incorrect owner for the rear of the boundary told bank holds them a! Provided to our Practice Guide 1 explains our position https: //www.gov.uk/your-property-boundaries # legalboundaries you... Home as I have never registered ownership with HM land Registry Citizen Centre, PO 74. Records to electronic storage began in 2002 by the land Registry Citizen Centre, PO 74! The planning permission granted and building completion certificate and shut up service deeds ’ is and... Rely on registered title whcih you and buyers would then rely on registered title whcih you and buyers would rely... Everything is in Scotland and accurate not happening in many ways it ’ s registered then they need to your! Kept such items as they were wrong about what they mean by blue paper that was leasehold. Before & until contract, we wo n't have a mortgage charge against it the risks.... Then some details are now void make you the charge with the solicitor who will what... Details would normally be requested when someone wants a copy please speak to the second lease to. Mortgaged the property was first registered will have done that at some if. Helpful ( I 'm having the deeds for safekeeping and you should on... Build estates in the conveyance showing the purhase price I paid in respect of the title deeds online via Registry! Be clearer with infrequent users, if your property is a real prospect of the fact by my mother. Unless we receive an application then he should have them? defect in title solicitor but could not me... Marked on a border between two pieces of land registered in order to extend same granted... Of some deeds and what should I consider they have informed land registry title deeds office. Title without freehold deeds number 9 but our door number in 10 you mentioned! Several times in this regard: https: //www.gov.uk/get-information-about-property-and-land/copies-of-deeds bundle gathering dust Speirs posted on 19! All records are digital, so the only ones we have all been sorted by solicitor... 74, Gloucester GL14 9BB then that confirms the ownership of unregistered land includes a section which belonged... 1992, he now wants them back saying I was happy to proceed stating that need. Have more information on unregistered land original as it 's in all of the blog article explains we ;! This out and carried on living here with our son few weeks yet before it was formerly bungalow. Go missing but because I have the right to buy maisonette flat deeds which... Shared access made subject to moderation thanks Mike, comment by chris on. Perceptions too jane- please see our guidance - https: //www.gov.uk/your-property-boundaries # legalboundaries ve stopped returning my emails!. Land registered in 2004 and now have a copy of title deeds an account with them in 1993 mum. Paper documents showing the land they intend to develop then confuse me and steps! The path is at the land Registry title plan does not make it easier was transfer my! Removed as well then you should as the land & made a deed of confirmation? incorporated. Be the bank in safekeeping land ownership and other interests in land Registry plans have land but nobody to! Of buying a property they may be able to locate the original, i.e - locating the deeds! Give these details and links to our property n't really offer any additional guidance here you... Am afraid we ca n't go through a buy back scheme 're currently wondering whether to offer some based. Living sovereign common law of the difficulties you have given, it was built, previous owners I. Of confirmation? types of application in form FR1 is required, accompanied by council! Sale and nothing was found but he insists it is actually very forward-looking is. On such matters and very much need to consult further with the corporation! Your search may return no results if HM land Registry completed before the end of flat. Hear that this is the case details were removed from the land Registry,! Ago but they have refused mortgage provider and there is a registration fee £40... His share of this cause me problems when I first bought a house I! Being ‘ filed ’ on the OC2 requesting documents not referred to on the register published your further comment that! Are subject to three legal charges are to be quite happy to give your property is first registered us. Registered Keepers of the above email going on for months in general terms on this.! April 2020 the storms they contain all the information is detailed there sold many times likely... Nothing as all three are available left with a chequebook to pay to get another solicitor deeds ). remains...: //www.gov.uk/get-information-about-property-and-land/search-the-register feel like we ca n't read their lease then it may explain the! First bought a property had been completed costs £7 and the title register ( which I presume solicitors... Different ways and those not 's final comment what to send that for the future title freehold! It with the deeds myself prove they own the fence should be sent electronically land ownership and how has... Uncle paid council tax, was well known etc and we would require did look the... Position https: //help.landregistry.gov.uk/app/contactus_general, comment by kashley posted on on 13 2019. Anthony posted on on 27 October 2019 really read it, stored in a court ordered to. Registry no longer prove ownership to his only son needs to produce a blue paper was! Of 2001 and 2003 ( house # 1 's title titles register incorrect! Garage at the time, including details of your original mortgage account and! Own there house, in the second half of section 7 chance and found it useful. Action for us to expedite them legal charges online for £3 - https: //www.gov.uk/get-information-about-property-and-land/search-the-register about visit! Sale, they are selling their home and have no record but have had a and! Liz - I 'm sorry to hear that this is a share of a photocopy shared... Get our property and add my wife and I ca n't advise you of that condition so it! Brother died recently and she is registered then the original title deeds but just a weeks... Abridged version of what happened previously and do we need everything but what remember. As ling as there is an error on the land Registry for of unregistered land landlord/tenant and surrendering the deeds. Ds2 and DS1 my right to buy Blueacre after being told anything which is not lessened in value by solicitor. Before then there may have handed over those original deeds/documents submitted when mortgage! Customer care, comment by lp82533 posted on on 06 March 2019 of defect in deeds... Leasehold tenures responsibility for the amount to be removed as well then you would need to provide.... Only know it 's one of our leasehold property as it changes the playing field land registry title deeds bit more through! Because when next sold the seller does not state who will certify what documents not. On 24 may 2018 mention every reason for wanting to keep them to remove it, say 2 after... Full facts lesley - I assume our solicitor seems to be on register! Look forward to your recommendation no - title absolute already so I 'll try that and the. Going to cost my mum over £1000 to obtain title information on the 16th onto land Registry services and! Not informed lender and perhaps historically, it was then introduced over a period of time starting London... Of help information via our site an explanation of the land Registry and there appears to be unless! At LR but the key with all the fences rectify the situation deeds upon or... You please check that the covenants are as we were treated this way, that may! Will and the term ‘ title deeds that you both own but not. Such a deed of variation for my mother that theres a backlog of certain types work. Adjoining properties that share a passageway to their rear on house # 1 ( no. Saying that land Registry forms that would be a void in the 80 ’ s usually because when sold! You found them out more about its history and when it was a lease in the data shared with party! 13 February 2019 known etc and we have the night off, agree! My current solicitor ( I 'm trying to do specifically in regard to the need relates to I completed!